Beauty and the beast (Disney)

So I was rewatching this Disney Classic again with my lil sis and my overall thoughts were

  • Belle is not a superficial bitch yay
  • Beast actually looks terrifying minus the catchy songs
  • Gaston’s narrow views about marrying a wife to take care of him and give birth are still valid in this supposedly modern world which is even more terrifying
  • Belle is smart! Bonus marks ❤️
  • How can the entire town ostracize someone because of their differences wtf
  • Chip is super cute
  • The beast/ prince adam only sang once throughout the entire show
  • It’s mainly the supporting characters singing which I really like cos I find it more dynamic and interesting
  • I don’t like that this movie is used as an example of Stockholm syndrome where the victim sympathize with the kidnapper. Beast was kind and rich and tender and belle was treated like a princess for goodness sake. If she had asked nicely he would probably catch a moon for her, let alone invite her father to live with them.
  • How a charismatic person can twist words and distort perceptions and provoke enough rage in ignorant people and going into unnecessarily war
  • Throwing money can indeed make problems go away
  • I love the dancing scene where the song beauty and the beast first came by!!!! Especially from top view of the chandelier and then slowly zoom into the dancing couple *melts
  • 老马认路
  • The castle damn fucking big sia, no wonder the witch super angry he don’t let her in
  • If chip is mrs pots’ son why does she look so old and where is her husband
  • I like belle for not backing down to beast’s anger when he was being unreasonable

One particular lyric is my favourite:

true, he is no Prince Charming, but there is something there that I simply didn’t see ~

which reminds me of Kirill. He’s not the most romantic guy around, and he can be a little mean sometimes, but he more than makes up for it for being so silly and adorable and without a doubt love me and accept me for all I am and I ditto hehe.

OMG sudden realization if I thick skin call myself belle and him a beast reluctantly it sorta make sense cos we’re forced to be together during our travels around America (but I am the one with tempers haha) and then he had to let me go back to Singapore and the magic mirror is Skype! hmm I still haven’t figure how to include the servants and gaston to make our story more relevant hahahha oh well.


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