The start of something new

i dunno if i followed too many local bloggers who liked other bloggers on instagram and it had given me the impression the whole of singaporean female population is on this platform and getting lots of sponsored shit and obviously i am envious like hell and want that piece of a pie. also, sg girls are skinny as fuck. except that i cant do #ootd because i live in the same denim shorts every school day and in even uglier pajamas on my days off hahaha.

cant decide if i want type or go – seems like mobile blogging is even more feasible than the conventional ones. oh well. can always migrate if i feel like it. also i chose chaserofthebright cos i really like this dude tyler knott and he just recently published his book chasers of the light and i find that title rad. i hope if one day i get famous and stuff ill get into trouble with copyrights and whatever stupid laws so heres a freaking CREDITS TO TYLER KNOTT FOR INSPIRING ME WITH YOUR WORDS. ok we’re hopefull done with any legal issues so back to the topic bright in the sense that i’m seeking intelligence. does not necessarily mean i possess one all the time but hell yeah i sure have an opinion on everything.

also this is a repost from blogger cos wordpress has got awesome themes so i am superficial like that hahaha. somehow i got more than 10 people viewing my post today i am officially shocked.



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