To Blog Or Not To Blog, That Is The Question.

so im looking at blog themes at it turns out that there is a hell lot more options for them now than say, when i first tried this blogger thing when i was like 16yo lol. and everything is so pretty but so complicated omg i feel like a computer idiot. and to think i wanted to be in computer science cos google said that’s the degree you want to be if you want to be employed for sure in the future due to advancing internet presence and stuff. luckily ganesh advised me otherwise cos i probably cant get a job anyway with all those indians monopolizing the industry hahaha. on a random note i sincerely think that if one day an indian version of THE LKY rise up and rule the country india confirm will be the next super power – i mean look at them they’re slowly taking over all the positions of money changers and computer stuff and engineering of the world and these are essentially the economy am i right lol. and also they don’t eat beef so they won’t deliberately mass rear the animals with 4 stomachs and fart a hole in our ozone layers. i just hope that by then they would have sorted out their stupid gender rules and be treating their women properly. bollywood is actually quite interesting if you’re into cheesy songs and dances – oh their movie “three idiots” is surprisingly awesome!

so now that we’re (supposed to be) on the issue of blogs, i just realised i can’t really do reviews and advertorials because i am a cheapskate and i’ll be so moved at free gifts i’ll overrate them hahaha. so if one day this blog takes flight (i still got unrealistic high hopes for that) and various companies start inviting me to review their stuff i will be like YAY I FINALLY FIGURED OUT HOW TO USE THIS SO THIS IS COOL I AM COOL for things that need more knowledge than finding the power button.

also i can’t do food critic for shit because the only emotions i feel toward food is either upset or touched so everything else in between the two extremes my taste buds can’t really tell much difference so maybe readers can count the number of exclamation marks for a more indicative appraisal HAHAHA. so it will probably look something like YAY THIS TASTE GREAT!!!!! because food is food and food is good. i am definitely a 民以食为天.

another thing is that i probably wont post pretty pictures of myself because:

1. Monkey take better selfies than me VS. me on snapchat

2. i wear almost the same stuff every week so if i post online i am exposing myself as the girl with only 4 shirts and 2 shorts and ugly pink slippers so i would like to retain some self respect thanks

3. i don’t have a personal photographer/ unjudgy friends i can thrust my camera to and demand HEY HELP ME TAKE A MILLION PICTURES OF ME and self timer can be a bitch

also i wonder if there’s a way for this blogger thing to autocorrect… i like my sentences to start with a capital letter and am too lazy to press the stupid SHIFT button, damn it!



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