Moral issues

The lecturer is a citizen of the United States and his observation is that voters are more concerned with women rights to abortion and gay marriages and moral issues in general rather than politicians’ agendas and economic policies nor military industrial complex. Which was something I was mildly curious by but didn’t think too much about it previously, but his statement seemed quite accurate. But frankly speaking my news of USA politics come mostly from activist tumblr blogs so what do I know anyway.

Recently I got to know that USA had passed a bill stating that it’s optional for companies to provide birth control if it is against their religious beliefs. Seriously, wtf.


I didn’t exactly follow up on that particular news, so I’m basing this on the superficial knowledge that I have: if there was a previous law making it compulsory for companies to sponsor birth control, they must had recognized the importance, or at the very least there is enough demand from the female workers. And now the religious beliefs of the companies with ideas with procreation shouldn’t be interfered with ’cause god said so is now considered to preside over the needs of real women, well that didn’t make much sense to me. They must be fucking men who well surprise surprise can’t fucking get pregnant and deal with all the major responsibilities such as worrying about being fertilized or abortion or taking care of an unwanted kid. It’s sickening how little regard were given to female in the sense that they forcibly impose their beliefs (which probably won’t incur any divine punishment if non believers not adhere to it) over their needs which are real and tangible have much greater potential implications. One of my tutor would say “trace the money” so if I follow this trail I will probably come to the conclusion that the big biz fucks are fucking cheapskates and to save on expenses by exploiting the legal loopholes of a country built on religious foundation and also this is the way of reinforcing patriarchal structure by oppressing female population by choosing what men think is better than what the women actually wants. Not all men are bad I am not attacking the gender here but it just seemed like the powerful elites that have actual influence over important issues (such as human rights) just want to consolidate their power by ensuring the weaker/minorities/powerless remain that way such that they can only obey their further instructions, and this case women.

Idk, is it really that hard to be nice to fellow human beings?! And I don’t mean the assholes on top but regular people as well why can’t we just treat each other nicer not based on ethnicity or job or culture or nationality or background and so on, but rather our character whether is it rainbow or sparkly or depressing or shades of hell. Personalities clashes are allowed as long as we don’t ALL collectively hate on a particular type. Sigh.


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