Stupid man in my life

My father is an asshole in general.

Our household is his little society because he is the main breadwinner and thus the one with most powerful say and usually he keeps it functioning by ensuring that the essential stuff are taken care of. But he imposed his beliefs and principles upon the rest of us and it can get ridiculous sometimes and if inform him that we wish to engage in activities he don’t approve of he will go ballistic and stuff. That’s why we often do things and try not to get caught.

His set of thinking:

Non academic activities are useless. If you’re a student you should only study and study and study and maybe ensure a healthy body and more study. No socializing or destressing or any of that shit.

One has to stay home and study and going outside to find a more conducive environment is waste of time

When things don’t go well for example if he’s hungry or his stock market fell he thinks it’s okay to lash out at ALL of us for being a waste of money and space and scold us for not being considerate how much he works to provide for us useless people.

It is pointless for us to even try offering an alternative perspective because HE IS RIGHT SO WE ARE WRONG and he will think it’s rude and lecture us further why we are so stupid.

Why junior college is superior to polytechnic. No you can’t go to a course you’re interested in because jc is better in feeding you lots of abstract formulas that is not going to assist you much in the path you wish to take in the future except for a shot in entering local university. Oh wait, doesn’t poly students get that opportunity as well?

Like tattoos. There is little doubt that he will not only be furious, but also cut off ties and throw that person out literally. We can’t even have wallpapers of other tattooed person.

Also how he cannot comprehend something we study better in the night and that’s why the following morning we think it’s will be nice to sleep in but no everyone should rest and rise at the same hours as he does because, I quote, “the bible said so”.

We’re not allowed failure. Cos he can’t show off so that sucks for him and also retest need more money. That’s why my sister paid for her retest driving tests herself even though the father is the one insistent she gets her license

So what started this rant is that my elder sis who is 27 this year wanted to go to a neighboring country with me and guess what’s his reaction. Yup, going into one of his lectures TELLING US NOT TO GO because our younger sis is having exams. He justified with “if you have free time to go holiday you should have the time to attend to my shop, but I didn’t force you to take care of my business THUS you shouldn’t go on holiday,” and “we should stay at home to help teach the younger one with her subjects.” Like, helloooo my younger sis have tuition for everything and we seldom see her cos she’s always outside studying so I don’t see that she’s missing out much on our assistance for freaking three days. besides, my elder sis is almost thirty for fuck sake, and earning her own money. And she can’t have the freedom to decide to travel??? Wow, that is ridiculous on a whole new level.


One thought on “Stupid man in my life

  1. Sorry to see your anguish and frustration on your father, but remember there is always something good in what he say even though it sounds absolutely ridiculous. He won’t do anything to harm you, but he want to see the best out of you and tries his level best to achieve it. Unfortunately the effects not happening in the way he thought it should take. But am sure one day you will realize how much he meant for you. You are lucky, there are many parents who rape and abuse their children! How lucky are you to be loved by him! Love him, treat him with more respect, see him from his point of view, it will not only change you but your whole family atmosphere. M confident one day you will say my dads the best man I ever knew! Trust me. After all we have a small life on this earth may be 80 years or 100 max, why don’t we love each other rather than wasting life with hatred and grudge?

    Sorry if am hurting your feelings. Pls don’t think I try to intervene into your family thought to say as I read the article.


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