Unfairness of life

So today my sister got hives and it looked really serious 😱

I got really very upset and angry because her life hadn’t been the best and life is just rubbing salt to her wounds and it just seemed like “hey here’s another poopy event that you have absolutely no control over so you don’t have to worry about being happy.” why does bad stuff have to happen to nice people???? It is so fucking frustrating that someone I care so much is suffering yet I am helpless to do any thing 😦 I don’t believe in god but I do believe in greater beings but I’m just so irrationally full of rage that I just want to punch whoever’s up there is/are not taking care of my sister wtf!!!! Isn’t it time her fate change for the better now?!? *shake fist vigorously*

I wish wish wish so bad that something good will happen to my sister. I wish that she will embrace happiness when that day arrives, AND IT BETTER BE SOON, and hope that all things sweet and lovely will never leave her. In the meanwhile I hope she will be cheered up tmrw morning by my love letter I snuck into her bag hehe.

Laoma made her apply some ointment and the swelling went down. Hopefully it will be gone by tmrw.

Updates: the hives more or less disappeared so uh, thanks. Just glad my sister is alright~


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