Things that should be extinct

So social media is currently full of celebrities nudes and the discussion of their rights to privacy and I am so pissed at it all. Hello the hacker is committing an illegal act wtf. I can think of a lot of other vices that deserve more public anger eg child pornography and exploitation. Whatever the individual wishes to do without having detrimental consequences implicating others, it should be their own business, and not for us to judge even if it is an act that we ourselves will likely not engage in. Unless it’s passive consumption you think it’s harmless but actually contributing to the issue by being part of the demand to sustain the problematic supply, that’s when it’s a good idea to speak up.

So below are Things That Should Be Extinct:

Focus on victim blaming rather than real issues –

Especially rape. NO MEANS NO WTF AND NO ONE IS ENTITLED TO ANYTHING. There is no excuse to rape: uncontrollable urge, she “initiated”/ asking for it, I spent so much on her, whatever rubbish you can think of – NO.

Domestic violence: the person in an abusive relationship believes he/she has no other alternatives. “why can’t (s)he ask for help from relevant organizations?” some may whine but who is going to take responsibility over his/her future is (s)he were to abandon whatever security (even an abusive one) that (s)he had ever known, when (s)he had her self confidence and hope and whatever destroyed? I’m not preaching for all to help or donate or volunteer but at least make the stigmatization disappear by NOT MAKING NASTY COMMENTS ABOUT people you do not fully understand of their circumstances.

Restriction on woman’s rights towards their own reproductive system – why do one want to support the restriction upon women over their own bodies??? Sure, a life is precious but doesn’t the quality of life of both the mom and child matters? Abortion should be a choice because mothers themselves had to undergo a complex and unimaginable tough dilemma and agony to be able to make that decision for themselves… Which is why education on birth control is so important. Teach the kids how to use them properly, and reduce the possibilities of unwanted pregnancies TA DAH! Sex shouldn’t be shameful; what is wrong is the unequal social treatment towards the genders who participate in such activity being so pervasive in our society.

The discussion about gay marriages. Let whoever wants to get married, marry!!! NOT ALL heterosexuals have the best/ideal marriages, just simply more of them around doesn’t mean they should be the only one kind allowed. Whatever values that disapprove this need re examination other than the reason “god/bible/religion said so,” and “it is not normal” because as a sociology major I can tell you that they are social constructs imposed by the dominant ruling class upon the rest of the population and being a minority does not make their presence invalid.

I understand the functions of religion, and the importance of Supernatural beliefs to a strong believer, but even then it should be a requirement for everyone to REFLECT on the beliefs rather than blindly follow their faith. Understanding the social context the religion was built on originally, and critical examining if the values are still relevant to current society, and to yourself as a member of the human race. Religious institutions trying to establish “us” against “them” mentality are potential breeding grounds for hatred, because it is human nature to defend their own community against perceived external threats.

THIS IS PURELY PERSONAL OPINION but I would be inclined to assume if one who choose to align themselves with values that promotes hierarchy ranking in human differences is an extremely narrow minded person who passively agrees with whatever the institutions successfully embedded into him or herself AND IN TURN TRIED TO OPPRESS THE OTHERS, or too blinded by hatred and fear for unknown categories of people who are just different. this argument is applicable to other issues as well, like race or ethnicity or nationality or just being deviant from what is considered normal. A few bad experiences with members of a certain group may leave a lousy impression but is not a legitimate reason to discriminate against all the these people.

Child porn is the ABSOLUTE WORST EVER. They are kids for fuck sake!!!! I think people who get off by them are one sick bunch of perverts and if I ever get to know any one who derive pleasure of satisfying fucked up fantasies through the inhumane exploitation of vulnerable children – their innocence robbed because they are too young to comprehend or powerless to resist the situation – be it a well respected minister or the dude next door I WILL FUCKING PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE MANY, MANY TIMES.

This post made me so angry typing it. I’m no saint myself, not saying that my views are the best, and I do know that there are a lot of other influential factors involved but as individuals what we can do is to not let the outrageously ridiculous excuses be justification for the misery of others. Reality has a way to mess up our actions but I feel that at least in theory we have to be open minded enough to remind ourselves of our own flaws and inherent biases, and let them be our guidelines. As dalai lama put it,

“if you can’t help someone, at least try not to harm them.”


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