Internet trolls

I don’t understand why popular videos on YouTube receive so much flak? with this i dont mean the billboard chart topping songs but can range from anything like hamster eating a tiny burrito to babies cooing to ass shaking music videos to ellen and oprah and john oliver (all whom i love). it just seemed that, when anything goes viral, some obnoxious internet users will feel compelled to spew some loathe and ugliness WHICH ARE TOTALLY RANDOM AND UNRELATED, and their main purpose is nothing but to tear down and destroy simply because they set eyes on it. that’s the main gripe i had with them, that even when their values are NOT offended they take personal offense and made sure everyone know of their repulsive displeasure.

i do agree that mvs like “blurred lines” deserved more negative attention for its rapist connotations and I understand that some videos causally incorporated sexist/ racist/ whateverist elements within and they all have the power to perpetrate deeper into culture AND I THINK THEY DO DESERVE TO BE CALLED OUT ON IT but some of the other comments are just so… dumb!!!?!

Like saying the videos are full of women who are whores and sluts and other degrading terms – what’s the point????? They provided entertainment so they did their job, so that should be it. I never been to porn sites but I’m sure they don’t leave nasty comments slut shaming the porn actresses, so why do these same group of people think they have the moral superiority to judge dancers and actresses in conventional media? how do they perceive these people as a threat to society is something i cannot quite comprehend… i would imagine their train of thoughts (gender neutral for most part until it becomes more catty towards the end) going something like this:

half naked women dancing –> 1. kids’ innocence destroyed 2. they’ll grow up to be promiscuous 3. society will be full of vices and traditional family structure will be distorted and my values and all that i believe in will be drowned out by alternatives opinions = OMG END OF WORLD IT IS A TRAGEDY 4. okay lets nip problems by the bud by shaming these people letting them know that I DONT APPROVE and maybe 5. wtf they got nicer bodies i am insanely jealous even though i didnt put in half of their efforts to reaching that and 6. these bitches are gonna steal my (potential) man away OR set unrealistic expectations

Not only the gender issues, but also useless comments of hatred… How does posting stuff like “he/she sucks” and “worst ever” or “wasted 3 minutes of my life” ever achieve??? if the music is horrible I wouldn’t go search the exact same thing on YouTube and voluntarily exposed to it while typing the nasty comments? If the detest is so strong that you feel a burning need to make that one angry post, at least justify the reasons??? Like maybe he pissed or engaged in violent behavior or raped someone or she kills puppies or is racist, and inform the rest of the people reading the section? Please don’t spread false rumors though, that’s lame and stinks of a despicable character.

idk, i just think that the world be less hateful. criticism with supporting elaboration are welcome, but those trolling for the sake of making their nasty voices heard is just plain revolting, distracting and just simply doesnt reflect well on humanity and our level of intelligence as a species. if earthworms can comprehend our language and reading those thoughtless youtube comments they will be like “meh.”

yes, even earthworms.


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