Some interesting stuff about me

My friends tagged me for the #20factsaboutme on Instagram but I’m not gonna follow that exactly but here’s goes:

1. I have high self control. Not same as discipline tho. Just that I can resist temptation that I know will hook me quite well. Like food or watching tv. Helps that most times I have little interest.

2. I wanted to try modeling at least once in my life. Had been told I got decent features but was plagued by insecurities such as buck teeth (resolved!) and acne (almost resolved!) and fat thighs (nope, they’re still here).

3. I may have a faint idea of what I want for my future, but relationship wise I had already figured things out hahah. It is not enough for my SO to accept me for all I am, but to also be interested in me as a person, and more importantly motivate myself to be better.

4. I don’t want to give birth to my own kids. I like children, and I guess I will truly enjoy myself being an integral part of their lives growing up and imparting values and stuff, but I don’t think I can handle the period after they stop needing me. I mean, surveys said parents are inclined to be happier than non parents, but are they talking about their cute toddlers or adult offsprings? There’s a quote “love is to give someone a knife and hoping they don’t stab you”. Well, the idea of having kids seemed pretty similar… Except that they will, in ways we will never ever expect.

5. I want to foster kids. I find it meaningful to be, or at least aspire to be, someone reliable in these disadvantaged kids’ lives. I want them to know that life may be hard but there will be me to have their backs if ever they need me.

6. I consider myself extremely rational and practical. A trait that developed recently in these few years. Double edged sword. There’s a certain detachment that arise from this and I got less tolerance for bullshit. But it also had affected how I view my personal relationships, mostly in an adverse way.

7. How I rate a guy for physical attractiveness: mentally gauging if he can swing and carry me around effortlessly hahahha. I like my hugs and cuddles and piggybacks ok!

8. I like to think I’m an awesome girlfriend. When I’m still absolutely in love with the guy, that is. Reminder to self: it’s useless to be bothered about his past unless it impacts me directly, to always appreciate every little thing he had done, and to constantly think of novel ways to make him happy hehe. However, the bad part is that I got a certain level of standards I expect from my boyfriend, so when I start doubting whether is he capable, that’s when I start letting go.

9. It doesn’t take much to make me happy. I think. Usually depends on the person haha.

10. I am a converted cat lady. Meow!

11. I only take pictures of myself when I’m feeling happy. So that would explain the lack of new photos recently 😦

12. I wish that people would treat others the way they themselves want to be treated. Like, if A leaks B’s photos, then I hope A’s privacy get compromised as well. If C decides to cyber bully D, then C should experience some meanness as well. Likewise, if X is honest and return a wallet, I hope that someone equally awesome will be happen to X. Strong believer of karma being the societal equalizer in behavior.

13. I find myself swinging from extreme to extreme. I can be super passionate about something and incredibly chill about another, and I must admit, it is kinda liberating and exciting to feel so much, to be so convinced. But most times I’m in between and it’s not very fun, sigh.

14. I absolutely adore massages!!! If I’m the ruler of this world other than scholars I’ll make masseurs top of the occupations held in high esteem hahaha.

15. Before Kirill, I thought myself as the most facially expressive person I know personally. Then he happily came along and not only upped me and amused me endlessly with his epic faces hahaha.

16. I got tendencies to ignore stranger danger. I climbed on more strangers’ cars than I’m supposed to, but they always turn out to be unexpectedly great experiences hahaha. I still wouldn’t advise any to do the stuff I did, especially ladies, yet I still would go running off with people I barely know any time hahaha #doublestandards



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