I am a prisoner of life
And you are encaged yourself
Between our jails
Lies a million miles
There’s a key I gave you
That leads to residence in my heart
An invitation to be trapped
With me, an eternity.

Maybe you were too careless
Or couldn’t care less
Maybe I was too reckless
And was scared shitless
But I took it all away
I stomped on your wrestling hands
And pierced you in the chest
Was it really, for the best?

I will never tell you that every night I’ll cry myself to sleep, screaming your name silently in my head, begging you to forgive me please have me back, that there is no one thing I want more than booking a one way ticket to the other side of earth and throwing myself onto you shouting I’m still painfully in love with you I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry.


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