Hunchback of Notre Dame

I love this movie. It may be very well be my second favourite disney movie after Beauty and the Beast haha. The music is so fucking brilliant (can’t decide if i like Hellfire or God save the outcast better, damn), and it was so heart wrenching to see the hunchback being bullied in public wtf. The bit where the city was saved from the evil man, or the purist extremist and then the city was rejoicing and THAT PART when the littl girl went forward and hugged Quasimodo – yup, there’s when i started tearing up.

so i was reading analysis of this movie, and while many applauded it for having a non conventional darker themes, there are criticisms of it relying on a lot of stereotypes. I thought this author explained very well in this post. The latter is true no doubt, and while i understand that they work in reinforcing these mindsets into our culture, i’m curious to know if any successful film makers had ever developed characters, with personalities within 90minutes without resorting to ready made categories and expanding on them?


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