Gender specific insults

I think it must be my sociology education but now I get all sensitive and annoyed when I hear people using the names of reproductive organs as vulgarities. Objectively they are neutral in the sense that that’s the main biological difference between man and woman, but by using their signifier to insult is connotative that there is something inherently bad about the particular gender/ power imbalance between masculinity and femininity.

I used to never be bothered but now I am, and I guess it can be quite disturbing. Sometimes people didn’t think too much into it and the offending words slipped out causally but doesn’t that also mean internalization of the underlying message? And it is scary for me as a female belonging to the more disadvantaged sexuality group, because both men and women subconsciously believed in the inferiority. I myself who is supposed to be aware that these are social constructs to oppress women but even then I still feel shame and guilt for being not slim enough, complexion not good enough, not nice enough, too rough, too outspoken, too tall, too unladylike – basically, for being a female means I am open to relatively more judgment from others and myself, which in turn restricts my behavior.

There’s no conclusion to this rambling hahaha. Except that it sure would be nice to go around poking people in the chest and passionately lecturing them when they use these gender specific words they intended to offend with. HAHHAHAHA like mrs crumple bottom! YAY I GOT RETIREMENT PLANS NOW WOOHOO!



2 thoughts on “Gender specific insults

  1. Also related is swearing like “son of a bitch”, “bastard”, or “mother f**ker”, which involve women, too. So greater equality between the sexes will have to include a near-total change in choice of swear words.


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