Why I don’t think celebrities with leaked photos “deserved it”

So I was reading a blog where this famous blogger deliberately searched for naked photos of celebrities in the recent leaks and mocked at the appearance of the vagina in one of them. Her justification is that if public figures are dumb enough to take photos in the first place then they probably deserve their pictures getting leaked.

I can’t argue effects of such gross invasion of privacy adequately, but I would imagine it would feel similar to this:

This blogger often upload photos of her baby boy. Of course baby pictures are not as socially shameful as naked pictures, but the basic assumption here is that they are for the pleasure of the photographer. Also note that the former is uploaded on purpose while the latter is leaked without permission. But when these images are released to the internet, there are bound to be people growing perverted thoughts towards these two kind of pictures. Similar to men commenting on the sexiness of the females (who did not intended the pictures for public consumption), pedophiles lusting over the babies (whose mothers obviously don’t wish to be for their child to be an sexual object) well, is pretty damn disgusting. The owners (of pictures, of naked body or mother of baby) had never wish to gather this kind of adverse attention so when these lewd comments surfaced and reached the ears they probably will find it unpleasant. In both cases, the subjects in the photos are very intimate to their owners and anything dear IS vulnerability; besides, regardless of their status or fame, PEOPLE are NOT public properties so viewers are wrong in assuming entitlement to access to their private lives.

So essentially, what I’m trying to say is that when anything is exposed to the public sphere, whether deliberately or not, both parties will find it nasty when they are subjected to judgment and targets of unintended and unwelcomed thoughts – unwelcomed is the key word here. In addition, the number game using the argument that there are more lecherous men than pedophiles is not valid because we are discussing human’s dignity and rights to privacy and not abstract statistics. Why is it socially acceptable to articulate raw lust over women than babies, when the price of human beings theoretically should be the same – priceless? I think it’s cruel to say the owner of the naked pictures deserved more suffering than the owner of the baby photos, and then to justify our actions as individuals to participate in their shaming.


2 thoughts on “Why I don’t think celebrities with leaked photos “deserved it”

  1. I believe we must control our media. Some people want to be public. Many people in the spotlight kids are never seen. George Foreman. Kids been hidden from the public eye. He is a wise man. Sometime we get foolish people. Many years ago on old Myspace. A Poet friend of eighteen friend died. She posted on the Myspace site photos of herself and friend on vacation in Florida. Later on.They got posted in bad places. I watch my daughters photos. Checking to ensure they are still safe and protected. We have stars showing everything and too much. Kids need to be kids. A enjoyable blog. Open the door to a long conversation.


    • I feel that self awareness in our participation for demand for scandalous information is crucial in this conversation, but I agree with you very much that media needs to be controlled. The question is, by who? Are we going to elect a group with certain moral values and then unconsciously marginalized groups with different but no less valuable views from the majority?

      I do appreciate your comment it’s very thoughtful, thank you!

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