Project: DIY rings

So I was watching YouTube videos to DIY dainty rings so today i went around hunting for wire but turned out my house stocked them so here’s the product of my midnight project:

If we were still together I would mail him the infinity ring, with a note saying “here’s a promise of forever, without costing thirteen!”

The $13 is in reference the time he wanted to get me a similar ring at a road side stall in San Francisco but I didn’t let him cos I thought the price was a scam haha. Did kinda regret stopping him cos I truly want a ring from him to remember him by, sigh.

The letter ring is inspired by the ones I saw in Kate Spade, but hell if I’m going to spare $20 on something so small (but damnit so pretty!) Couldn’t find any tutorial to do this so I was like,screw it, how hard can an alphabet be? Quite difficult actually lol – in fact I actually made 3 of the letter k – I got blisters on my fingers to prove it haha

I think it’s telling that I’m only interested in getting his monogram, and the first finger I tried on is that of the ring. But I guess it’s really pointless when there’s no us anyway 😦


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