Gataomo review (19jan2015)

Am I lucky or am I lucky!

Walked in, asked for Jenson AND DAMN HENG THERES A SLOT WTF. Later I heard that someone just nice cancelled an appointment with him hahaha.

Jenson was shocked at the state of my hair, and that I let my hair be done by the hands of students hahaha. Apparently they didn’t do a very good job :/ also was chided for having dry hair that may just catch fire under the sun 😥

Anyway the hair wash was alright, would like some hair massage, but the haircut was magical! My head felt super light and fluffy and the hair fall very nicely. Also during the combing plus blow drying of hair he was quite gentle – I once had an experience of hairdresser battering my scalp with the brush – so that was commendable. Throughout the cut other than remarking on condition of my hair he initiated some conversation which was quite enjoyable and will lapse into comfortable silence. Oh, and he will recommend styles based on individual’s hair instead of blindly cutting the photo I showed him, which is really great!

new hair and hints of abs if I may delude myself hehe

The place is a little hard to locate though, it’s level four of Far East plaza (#04-79) but the numbers are kinda jumbled up. For future reference it’s along the stretch near the elevators.

Some minus points is that I assumed that I would get student price of $25 but I think ’cause Jenson is now a store manager and also $6 CNY surcharge, I had to pay $42 for an one hour haircut. Which is still a pretty decent price, considering how much I like the current cut, but a bit disappointing having to adjust the price expectations haha. I never paid more than $10 for a haircut, so paying 400% more is quite a system shock, but I guess what I pay is what I get~ I am 98% tempted to make Jenson my hairdresser because i trust him with my hair so much now, considering all my trust issues!!! but the price tag may need some convincing. this is definitely socioeconomic injustice, where the poorer person is unable to afford better quality items and end up spending more on replacing low quality and “cheaper” goods in the long run. Oh the woes of a struggling student 😭


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