I don’t even know if you’re worth it anymore

I was given the impression that your worth is X

I thought it was probably a great value if I were to contribute Y in order to get it

Turns out I had to provide 2Y instead so the marginal utility I got is significantly reduced, since (X – 2Y) > (X – Y) I need to reorientate my reservation price and loss of expected income

And now the amount of input swelled again to 3Y and I no longer am certain that whatever positive whatevers I get is worth it at all. Hell, i can’t be certain that if I’m making a net loss should Y be > X

What the other person can do to get me to continue investing is:
To increase the value of X
To help offset the cost of Y

But he's just being a fucking idiot and told me to figure out the equation of "whether he is worth it at all" myself – i just replied him "hope is not a strategy" wtf


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