I’m beginning to identify more with being an asshole.

If something is displeasing me, I’ll say what’s on my mind. Even if it’s may cause ego bruise or discomfort to others, it now weigh less of my consideration. Tolerating no misdeeds, calling out on bullshit, distancing from toxins – I guess in a way Truth set me free.

Knowing that I possess the ability to speak up for me is quite a liberating feeling, that I’m more adequate to protect me, I now have more respect for myself who needs no saving.

The setback is that it burns bridges which I have no intentions of mending, so there’s opportunity costs to which I no longer can benefit. And being so fucking skeptical all the time, questioning intentions and assuming the worst till proven otherwise. Superficial these bonds may be, I still miss being so naive.

It just feels like a hollow victory.


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