To have a “normal life” together,

what an absolute frightening and fascinating thought to have.

I almost fell in love with a traveller whose time here had already expired, but still he lingers in my head and my heart wonders how would it be like if he were to stay.

Our time together was short and sweet, and both of us were excessively complacent of controlling our feelings that we plunged into each other too recklessly. A wise thing to do is not to grow attached to something beautifully tragic with an expiry date but on the contrary the deadline challenged us to cherish our time together exponentially.

Was it worth it, so much happiness compressed within a short duration that heartache from missing someone terribly stretched endlessly for days after? Yes, yes and yes. Stripped of social rules governing normalcy, forcing our defenses to be lowered considerably, we were free to explore the human that lies within. We may never understand a life where reality interferes and spoils this dream, but perhaps it’s perfectly fine just to remain each other’s favourite memories.


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