You treated me like one, with your generous and lavish compliments. Charmed with the mannerisms no less than a Royal Highness, you always kissed my hand and believed in “ladies first”. 

Like an awed pleasant being invited into a palace, you brought me to amazing places; exquisite sights that I would never otherwise see. My heart is a kingdom, and if it’s for you I’ll surrender willingly.

But where I’m from, there is no monarchy. We are a republic; there are no Kings and Queens. You do not fit into my reality, nor am I too absurd to imagine myself as a royalty. 

My dear prince, being so far away from you feels like a thousand Knights had speared though this tired body, and a million horses trampling upon the core of my very being. Like the colonial master of history, a line of destruction back to you can be linked.


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