For the longest time I didn’t know what I wanted from you. I guess I was hoping maybe one day you’ll realise that I’m a great person you’ll want to date, or was it our friendship that I cherished, or simply that you were a model of what I wanted to grow up to be.

I asked you what you liked about me, and you said there’s nothing that you not like about me; apparently I wasn’t clingy or naggy or whatever that turns you off. In your answer, I found mine:

I don’t want anything from you anymore. You will never treat me the way I deserve to be treated, because you’re too selfish to consider my feelings. We are no longer friends because I no longer trust to be vulnerable with you. And i never want to be someone like you, a person who don’t see people as people but merely as temporary beings. All you wanted was a pet dog in an attractive female human form, and I respect myself too much to degrade to that.

You don’t know how to love people, and from the day you broke my heart I no longer have that in me to show and teach you.


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